5 – 10 – 15 Walking Program

This incremental walking program is designed to gradually return you to normal walking activities. Walks are to be completed 6 days a week. For example, if you begin walking on Monday, the following Sunday would be your day of rest (“holiday”). Each week, 5 minutes are added to the total walk time.

WEEK 1: Walk 5 minutes every day.

WEEK 2: Walk 10 minutes every day.

WEEK 3: Walk 15 minutes every day.

WEEK 4: Walk 20 minutes every day.

WEEK 5 and BEYOND: Continue increasing 5 minutes per week, 6 days a week until you reach your final desired distance.

If at any time during your program you experience pain, STOP. Ice the injured body part for up to 20 minutes. Do not continue with the program until pain free. After resting and becoming pain free, continue with the last exercise time in which the entire week was completed without pain. If pain persists or recurs, contact Dr. Gardner’s office.


  1. Always warm up/stretch prior to walking.
  2. ICE for up to 20 minutes following exercise.
  3. Perform stretching/flexibility exercises after walking.


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