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Fractures and broken bones can happen to anyone at any time. Successful recovery does not. The fracture experts at Gardner Orthopedics in Fort Myers, Florida, know how to identify and treat your fracture to get you back to normal. If you think you may have a bone fracture or you are worried about a healthy recovery, schedule an appointment today with Gardner Orthopedics by calling or booking online.

Fractures Q & A

The symptoms of a fracture depend on the fracture location and type. In general, fractures are associated with:

  • Immediate pain following a fall, collision, or injury
  • Swelling or tenderness
  • Pain when bearing weight or during movement
  • Reduced functionality and range of motion

A compound fracture is a severe fracture which causes the bone to protrude through the skin. This can be painful and alarming, and exposure of the bone and tissue risks contamination and infection. Usually, high-impact injuries cause compound fractures, but subtle movements or falls can have the same outcome if you have osteoporosis.

Stress fractures are the consequence of repetitive musculoskeletal stress like running. They are especially common for people with vulnerable and weakened bones like those associated with aging and osteoporosis. Treatment usually includes casting or the fitting of an orthopedic boot to support and stabilize the area.

Compression fractures occur in the vertebrae, or bones of the spine. Most commonly found in osteoporosis, these tiny cracks cause back pain. Treatment reduces the risk of subsequent compression fractures, so prompt diagnosis and care is crucial for long term health.

Successful treatment of bone fractures relies on thorough evaluation and diagnosis. The team at Gardner Orthopedics uses their imaging technology, world-class expertise, and decades of experience to identify the best treatment plan.

Since bones naturally heal, proper alignment is the critical first step to successful recovery. In some cases, the bones have stayed in placed and merely need casting to immobilize and protect them while they heal. In instances where bone ends have moved, several fractures have splintered bone pieces, or the positioning has been disrupted, surgery may be the only option for complete recovery.

If surgery is right for you, you are in good hands at Gardner Orthopedics. Drs. Castellano, Martinez, and Gardner specialize in corrective and restorative orthopedic surgical procedures which will have you feeling and moving at your best. Even after surgery, long-term, successful healing requires the expertise and technical skill of orthopedists committed to your health and comfort.

To understand the severity of your fracture, consider the comprehensive treatment options available, and find your best path to recovery, schedule a consultation with the experts at Gardner Orthopedics by calling or booking online today.


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