This program is designed to return motion and strength, while minimizing the chance of re-injury. The following
factors are important to remember:

  • The return to throwing after injury must include attention to the entire body.
  • The chance for re-injury is lessened by a graduated progression of interval throwing.
  • Proper warm-up is essential.
  • Most injuries occur as a result of fatigue or overuse.
  • Proper throwing mechanisms lessen the incidence of re-injury.

Heat on the shoulder or elbow may help loosen the athlete prior to throwing. Ice alone is recommended after throwing or to reduce swelling. Warm-up and stretch before throwing.
Dr. Gardner recommends NEVER throwing more than one step per day. The object is to complete each phase without pain before moving to the next phase. Throw the ball just hard enough to make the distance for each phase. A day of rest between steps is best. When you can throw 50 throws at 180 feet, you are ready for unrestricted throwing

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