Joint Replacement Procedures

If you have an arthritic or badly damaged joint, a joint replacement can be an innovative surgical solution to give you lasting relief and help to improve your functioning and quality of life. At Gardner Orthopedics in Fort Myers, Florida, the orthopedic surgeons are highly adept at performing shoulder, knee, and hip replacements utilizing the latest advanced, safe, and effective technology and techniques. Gardner Orthopedics also provides the Coolief procedure to relieve knee pain. Call or click to book your consultation with a compassionate Gardner orthopedic surgeon.

Joint Replacement Q & A

Where the ends of two or more bones connect, you have a joint. In your body, you have different types of joints, such as your elbow (hinge joint), your knee (hinge joint), and your hip (ball-and-socket joint).

A total joint replacement refers to a surgical procedure where parts of a damaged or arthritic joint are removed and replaced with a plastic, ceramic, or metal device (prosthesis). The prosthesis or artificial joint is specifically designed to act and function just like your normal healthy joint.

The Gardner Orthopedic surgeons provide hip, knee, and shoulder joint replacement procedures that are now safer and more effective than ever before.

Your hips and shoulders are ball-and-socket joints where the rounded end of one bone fits snugly into the cup-shaped area of another bone. Your knee is considered a hinge joint with an impressive ability to straighten and bend like a hinged door.

Several conditions can cause disability and joint pain, such as arthritis or an injury. If pain and impaired functioning are getting in the way of your daily life, you might want to consider a joint replacement, especially if nonsurgical treatments like medications and lifestyle changes aren’t yielding results.

Your Gardner orthopedic surgeon gives you detailed information to help you prepare for your surgery. You should make sure you prepare your home for your recovery by arranging for help and obtaining any necessary assistive items, such as handrails or a shower bench.

Depending on the type of joint replacement, the surgery usually takes a few hours.

Your surgeon removes the damaged bone and cartilage from your joint and places prosthetic components. For example, with an arthritic hip, the damaged ball is replaced with a metal ball that’s attached to a metal stem and fitted into your femur. A plastic socket is usually implanted into your pelvis to replace the damaged socket.

Gardner Orthopedics also offers the Coolief® procedure for the knees that uses cooled radiofrequency energy to target the sensory nerves involved in pain signaling processes safely.

Your orthopedic specialist uses a radiofrequency generator to transmit a small energy current through an insulated electrode or probe placed in your tissue. This ionic heating thermally deactivates the nerves responsible for sending the pain signals to your brain to give you relief.

If you aren’t eligible or ready for knee surgery, Coolief might be the right choice for you.

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